Mar 12, 2017

New Facebook page!

Well, it's time to announce this - I've created a Facebook page dedicated to my layout:

I've been wanting to find a way to more easily share photos of the layout and have discussions about it.  Of course I have my website, but honestly it's a bit of work to edit the pages and create new sections for layout and other photos, and I've been putting it off.  I may indeed create a more detailed layout presentation, eventually.

But for now, FB has made it very easy and quick to share photos, and it's the best platform (for now) to have quick discussions and chats.

So - there you go.  I had some time this morning before church (no one around here was up earlier enough with the time change to make it to early service, so we're planning on the later one), and thought I'd get to work.

Feb 24, 2017

Galloping Goose #2 gets an oil change

Lots of details and photos -

Jan 14, 2017

Raggs to re-run the HO Rico Depot kit again! Limited run though

Raggs' depot kits are amazing, and if you're modeling the RGS they're really worth considering. But, they're not always available, and Joe has just announced a re-run of the Rico depot.  So, if ya want 'em, order one soon!

Joe (Raggs) says:

That being said, I wanted to let all that are interested know that we're making the HO Rico Depot kit available again for a short time (taking orders until March 31st).  We're making a run this month to fill current orders.  For info, pictures, and ordering, visit our webpage: 
Also if you're inclined to take a peak at my own RGS layout, I've just updated the webpage:
The update includes a completed Trout Lake that's 11-feet long and a photo backdrop for Ridgway that's 52-feet long.

Jan 6, 2017

Dolores Flour Mill - and dry transfer lettering

 I have finished work on the Dolores Flour Mill (see this earlier post for more details).  The last step was lettering it.  The prototype didn't seem to have a sign, at least not from the angles of existing photos.  However, I intend my layout for operations, and it really helps guest operators to know which buildings are which.  Thus - signs are helpful.

I was originally going to print a sign, using an appropriate vintage font (found a number after some web searching), but my dear wife pointed out a building like this perhaps wouldn't have spent the money for a board and painted sign, and perhaps wouldn't just painted the sign on the side.  That lead to search for decals, and then possibly printing my own decal - all of which sounded like a lot of work.

Then I remembered Clover House, and their great sets of dry transfers.  These look a lot like painted-on letters.  So, I ordered a set and went to work.  The results are below - by no means perfect, and more work to get straight than I thought (and it needs more work next time!).  But, still, not too bad.  Pan Pastels toned things down as a final touch.

Follow along:

Dec 23, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!! (and some quick updates)

Ah, almost 6 months since my last post... it's been a very difficult year around our household and families, but we're still here, grace abounds, and there's even time for a bit of modeling.

First off - Merry Christmas!!! 
This is a time of friends, family, holiday food, and hopefully some time off.  But there is the unexpected buried in all of that - the very concept of God cleaning up our mess, knowing we'd spit in His face and treat His child like trash.

I think C.S. Lewis often has expressed it best, such as this quote:
“Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive.”
C.S. Lewis,
Mere Christianity

There are more wonderful quotes here:

RGS Charter on the Cumbres and Toltec next fall
The C&TS is planning to reletter one of their locomotives and run an RGS recreation in September.  Should be amazing, and there's talk of some special visitors of RGS equipment from various other places.  Details are here -

Structures it is...
For one reason or another I've found it hard to work on the layout proper - I had a couple operating sessions early in 2016 (wonderful!), got good feedback, and proceeded to cut the mainline for a new turnout, and then got a ballasting bug and ended up painting and ballasting track on the entire layout.  Next up is static grass on some areas in and near the track, then cleaning and finishing trackwork to get things running again.  And, well, there it sits for the moment.

But, I also got a bug to curl up at my hobby desk upstairs, and start working through some structures.
I've always been a big fan of Banta Modelworks, and decided I'd tackle these Ridgway shop buildings -
Here's some of the results... adapting and adding a few detail tidbits per historical photos.  As you can see, I've added interiors and lighting to most of the buildings.  These aren't quite finished - I'll hopefully post the final results at some future point.

Dolores Flour and Feed Mill
Then, after digging through a lot of the RGS history books I have, I latched onto starting the strucures for my model of Dolores, beginning with the flour mill (which presentingly is just an empty spot beside the spur on the layout, with a little sign noting optimiscally that it's actually a mill - or will be).  So, I dug around and found this kit, which I purchased as a starting point - the LaserKit model of the Hitzeman Mill

But I'm adapting to look (mostly) like the prototype:

 My adaptation is based on a my needs for operation (like a large loading area), as well as some compromises on how far I go in adapting the base kit. So, here's the results so far... again it's not quite finished.

And operating session photos!
I'll finish with some photos from an op session back in January 2016.