Apr 7, 2018

Big News from the Ridgway Railroad Museum

Briefly - the Ridgway Railroad Museum is partnering with the Ouray County Ranch History Musuem, have purchased a significant chunk of land, and have purchased the actual Ridgway D&RG depot building (formerly a residence, located a few hundred feet from its original location).

The Ridgway museum will eventually move into the depot building.  AND - they are building a 1/2 mile of narrow gauge track (in a loop) and will be operating the replicate Goose #1 there (free rides, btw).  AND - they are recreating (from scratch) one of the smaller RGS steam locomotives, which will also operate on the loop.

It's an amazing development, and I can't be happier for all the work those folks are doing.  They need a lot of volunteer help, so if you're in the area contact them for time and work schedules.

For full details, you'll have to subscribe (free) and get their newsletter - http://ridgwayrailroadmuseum.org/

Mar 10, 2018

Podcast time! (again)

I discovered a new podcast recently, and somehow actually ended up on it.  Check out the Bench Time podcast, where the focus is on structures, details, and scenery.

And episode #10 includes an interview with yours truly.  In spite of that, it's a pretty good podcast, and I highly recommend it.

Feb 4, 2018

First layout video!

Here's a little video I made of a test train... my first-ever layout video.  I didn't edit it, so this isn't really ready for YouTube, but I will share it here.


This begins near the end of the Ophir low line, and shows a train pulling through what will be Vance Junction, then start climbing the 4% grade of Keystone Hill, heading for Telluride.

Jan 19, 2018

Con-Cor has more Geese for sale

See the details here: