Jun 16, 2018

Latest roster addition, and obligatory privacy policy

So - business stuff first - per the new EU regulations, I added a privacy policy to my website; it applies to the blog as well.  Basically, other than what Google does and the affliate links, I don't keep any info or use cookies.

Now for a trains update.  I've completed adding a number of shelves to the layout, for easier handling of car cards and paperwork; I'll have photos of those posted shortly (I hope).  I've also completed work on a little 0-6-0 switcher.  This is a Walthers Heritage Proto2k model, older (DC, bulbs for lights, no tender pickups).

I added DCC (TCS Kam4 decoder, with built-in keep alive which is great for a loco this small), replaced the bulbs with LEDs, decaled, weathered (mostly Pan Pastels), Kadee couplers, and added as much weight as I could squeeze in (mostly in the smokebox, under the smokebox, and under the firebox on both sides).

So, here's some photos:

The coal is real, and from the RGS itself no less!  It's Rico coal, a mix of two sizes.  Mike Conder sells (or at least, did sell) this for a very reasonable price.  Details about that are on my RGS Kit Listing page.

May 19, 2018

More podcasting - this time on scenery & structures

 It's time for another podcast, this time a second visit to the Bench Time podcast, where I invited a friend along and we chat about scenery, details, and of course RGS history.


May 15, 2018

New supplier for laser-cut windows, and other updates and trivia for your reading pleasure

So, I haven't really had much time for updates - work has been intense for some months now.

But, I did want to let everyone know of a new hobby manufacturer - Rail Scale Models.  These guys have purchased the laser-cut parts line from Rusty Stumps (who are slowing down a bit).  I've used these parts for windows, doors, and sometimes shingles on my projects, and I really like them.

And Banta Modelworks came out with two new offerings for the RGS - a new HOn3 water tank (will serve for Ridgway or Rico), and a set of yard buildings for Rico.  As usual, all wonderful stuff (and newly added to my wish list!). So I've been working through updating my RGS Models & Kits page as well, for those and other changes.

In other news... well, I've been slowly updating outdated links on my website, and most recently going through all the RGS and related layout listings I have, and updating it with links to YouTube and other locations.  Everyone's moved into the video age, it seems!  And that's a great thing.

I have found some time for layout work as well - finishing up the basic grass scenery over the entire layout, and now working through returning the track to operating condition.  Actually had to 'mow' some of the new static grass in places!  And - also with an eye toward operating sessions - I added new detection in my hidden sections (which involved lots of crawling thru hard-to-reach benchwork).  And then, decided to add frog juicers on my unpowered turnouts... which, yes, involved more crawling thru hard-to-reach benchwork areas.  All that work is nearly complete now.

For the website, it really needs a visual make-over, at the very least for the layout pages.  I have been looking at various options, and discovered Blocs, which I need to check out further, but it looks like a good posibility. I'm still pretty technical, but finding the time to handcode a new website just isn't in the cards.  And I'm just not up to speed on Angular 5 and other modern web tech.  Yet.  :-)

I should probably get some pictures up here, but in the meantime I've got newer photos over on my Steve's RGS Facebook page.

Apr 7, 2018

Big News from the Ridgway Railroad Museum

Briefly - the Ridgway Railroad Museum is partnering with the Ouray County Ranch History Musuem, have purchased a significant chunk of land, and have purchased the actual Ridgway D&RG depot building (formerly a residence, located a few hundred feet from its original location).

The Ridgway museum will eventually move into the depot building.  AND - they are building a 1/2 mile of narrow gauge track (in a loop) and will be operating the replicate Goose #1 there (free rides, btw).  AND - they are recreating (from scratch) one of the smaller RGS steam locomotives, which will also operate on the loop.

It's an amazing development, and I can't be happier for all the work those folks are doing.  They need a lot of volunteer help, so if you're in the area contact them for time and work schedules.

For full details, you'll have to subscribe (free) and get their newsletter - http://ridgwayrailroadmuseum.org/

Mar 10, 2018

Podcast time! (again)

I discovered a new podcast recently, and somehow actually ended up on it.  Check out the Bench Time podcast, where the focus is on structures, details, and scenery.

And episode #10 includes an interview with yours truly.  In spite of that, it's a pretty good podcast, and I highly recommend it.

Feb 4, 2018

First layout video!

Here's a little video I made of a test train... my first-ever layout video.  I didn't edit it, so this isn't really ready for YouTube, but I will share it here.


This begins near the end of the Ophir low line, and shows a train pulling through what will be Vance Junction, then start climbing the 4% grade of Keystone Hill, heading for Telluride.

Jan 19, 2018

Con-Cor has more Geese for sale

See the details here: