Jul 16, 2011

Struggling with the DCC install

So - we're back from vacation, and the DCC install on the layout is nearly complete, but the PSX breakers are detecting a short - in ALL power districts! - whenever I have both boosters powered up.

It's become very frustrating trying to find the problem.  Each booster feeds 2-4 PSXs, which in turn feed the power districts.  Given the way I've wired each town w/ independent panels, it was pretty easy to rewire such that the towns are now powered by a PSX.

There was some re-wiring to break the old buss which feed all the towns, but that's done.  The problem is that there's a connectio between the old common (rail B now) of two towns, each on different booster.  I'm guessing that's what is causing the 'short' - the boosters are talking to each other.  I already know there's no short in the trackwork itself, so there's a back-door connection between these somehow.

But, it's so frustrating to spend hours trying checking odd connections to try to isolate this.  And in the meantime, no trains of course.


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