Jan 30, 2010

Photo time, at last...

OK, so here's a series of photos, showing the recent Tortoise installs, and a (very messy) overview of the layout as it exists at the moment. I'll be very glad to start working on scenery, but I'm forcing myself to finish wiring, track, and turnouts first.

First up is a tour of the layout - here's Vance Junction, with Lizard Head curving above it. On the right you can see the wye from Vance heading toward Telluride's penisula.

And here's a couple shots of Telluride:

And here's Ridgway's yard:

This is Rico, with just the main line and sidings laid so far.

Here's Hesperus, with the area for Durango unfinished above it. Lots of scenery will hopefully hide most of the yard lead directly above Hesperus behind a ridge.

And here's Dolores. Again, scenery is intended to nearly hide the line climbing above it on the way to Lizard Head.

Here's the staging tracks cutting thru the bathroom. There's a main line between Dolores and Mancos hidden under those staging tracks, too.

And this is the crossover into the Ridgway yard lead, which is hidden in a closet in the bathroom, before the Tortoises were added.

And finally, one of the two Tortoises above ground in the closet; the one that's installed is part of the crossover, and there's linkages prepared for another, handling the first switch in the yard lead for Ridgway. My method here was to carefully drill a #70 hold in the Peco linkage (after snipping off the nub), then running that thru some aluminum tubing drilled into a bit of scrap masonite. The tubing keeps the throw wire from popping up or moving around too much.

And here's the turnouts at Vance, handling a 3-way Peco, with one motor above (hidden in a tunnel eventually, I hope), and the other below.

And a closeup of the upper machine at Vance - using a slightly different method to grab hold of the Peco. I like the method used at Ridgway better, but this seems to be working fine.


  1. Steven, looks like shoffel board has come to an end under Delores! Keep up the good work! Jim Revenaugh (Great Union Northern & Iron Range) Richmond, Mi.

  2. Yeah, we inherited that shuffleboard when we moved in, but actually you COULD still (sort of) use it, and I didn't have the heart the toss the parts for it.

    How many layouts boast a shuffleboard, eh? :-)