May 31, 2005

Some decent progress this weekend; I figured out the easement issues and created a couple of reversible plywood templates to use in laying out curves - easements included, each 1/8 of a circle. By flipping and / or combining these, I can trace any curve I need in a 30" radius (my minimum). I laid out the curves on either side of Lizard Head, and completed grades and subroadbed for the McPhee staging and most of the Lizard Hd main above it. Here's a shot, w/the Lizard Head grade above, dropping toward the Ophir loop area.

May 23, 2005

Well, this makes 3 weeks in a row w/o much railroad work. Just a busy period I guess. I did get a couple of hours in this weekend, making a template for curve spiral easements and working a little on the grade behind Vance Jct, near Lizard Head.

May 10, 2005

Another VERY busy week, and weekend. No layout progress at all.

May 2, 2005

The weekend ended up being very busy, so not much done on the layout. With basic framing done for everything except Telluride (and that'll wait until, since I need the space to cut plywood), I thought I'd start on joists and sub-roadbed support. I got a little of that done in the Lizard Head corner, adding some support for the holes coming thru from the laundry room, and starting to think about the complex 3-level trackage in that area. No photos this time. The crazy link behind the furnance is going to wait until I get more experience with the simpler roadbed. Another milestone... actual track-layout supplies are in the basement! I had to spend some time at Mom's this weekend, and while there I dug around the old layout and found a couple cases of cork I'd forgotten about, and a few lengths of leftover code 100 flex, and other tracklaying supplies, and brought all those home.