Sep 30, 2007

So, probably no one's noticed yet, but I've begun (finally) to post pictures from the RGS exploration trip I made with some other guys back in June. I've created a Picasa Album and have been having a ball adding captions, mapping all the photos, etc. The work is going slowly, as I need to dig thru a number of my RGS books while I'm trying to identify just what we photographed. I've got maybe a third of the photos posted so far.

Sep 24, 2007

OK, where did it go? I KNOW it was August just last week! I was able to spend some more time on the layout this weekend, and worked on wiring in the closet and Ridgway yard area. There's not much different visually (the nature of wiring work!), but the main line is now operational through the Ridgway yard area and all the way into the laundry room - nearly to Vance Jct (where the line ends in a cliff, since Vance doesn't even have sub-roadbed just yet). The staging yard at Ridgway is nearly complete - the area in the laundry room is covered and protected from laundry now, and everything is wired. I still need to add a bit of code-55 track, connecting the code-100 track in the hidden area to the visible turnouts in the Ridgway yard. I haven't tackled the prospect of connecting code-55 to either the code-75 main or the code-100 staging tracks. It can't be that hard, right? Please?