Feb 21, 2011

Links gettin' done

OK, I've gotten thru the first 80 links, and updated them (of, oh, at least a thousand or two!).  This just might take a while....

Check out my site at Rio Grande Southern info.

Updating links

If you haven't noticed by now, MANY of my photo links at to the PhotosWest collection at the Denver Public Library, which is a wonderful collection.  In the last couple of weeks, they've updated their digital collection and added some great new features.

However, they've also changed the way public URLs are created, in a way that I can't easiliy convert.  So, I've started the process of working thru the several thousand links I have, find the new photos, and updating the URLs.  This will not be a short project, but I will get it done eventually.

Thanks for your patience.