Aug 30, 2014

Railroad Model Craftsman, RMC - acquired and not dying!

Good news!
There's been a lot of rumors floating about regarding RMC - Railroad Model Craftsman magazine, since the last few issues have been late and there's been problems w/ a new printer.  Then, the announcement a short while ago that their publisher, Carstens, was closing their doors.

But now - good news - they've been purchased by a reputable model railroad publisher, and will continue.  Details are in this press release.

Aug 7, 2014

RGS #20 in the movies... Ticket to Tomahawk is now on YouTube

The film Ticket to Tomahawk - which has been difficult to find - is now on YouTube!  The entire movie!

If you're not familar w/ this film, it's a goofy but fun western shot along the D&RG's Silverton Branch and a few parts of the RGS (bridge 160-A, and flatlands near Hesperus). Marilyn Monroe also made a very early apperance here - one of her first films I believe.  She's uncredited, but is the yellow-dressed dancing girl, who appear about 30 minutes in.

The 'star' of the movie is RGS #20, along with one of the RGS cabooses - both dressed up rather  gaudily.  The film company needed the locomotive to be pulled along dirt roads, and - I think - actually attempted that with the real locomotive, which was far too heavy.  They ended up building a very detailed wooden copy.

Today, the real #20 is ungoing a massive rebuild, while the wooden duplicate has been returned to Durango and is being put on display.