May 9, 2012

RGS #74 is back

Ending a very long saga, RGS #74 (former C&S #74, former C&N #30) is now back at the Colorado Railroad Museum, being reassembled.

This locomotive was originally on display in Boulder CO, after the RGS ended in 1952.  When the Colorado Historical Society took over operation of the Georgetown Loop Railroad, they needed additional steam power, and arranged for #74 to be evaluated for an operational restoration.  Initially, restoration to operation was approved, but further investigation determined the work would be so extensive that it wasn't practical.  #74 then began a rather long journey to reassembly and cosmetic restoration.

There are details and photos of the locomotive being returned to the CRRM on the Narrow Gauge Discussion page - see this thread.

And, the restoration of RGS #20 continues - and this restoration is to full operation.  It's the most complete rebuild I've been familiar with, and it's been documented extensively on the NGDF; a summary of posts there is on my remains page.

And speaking of that - my RGS Remains Page has tons of details on all the various pieces remaining of the RGS - including all of the Geese, locomotives, and lots of structures, right-of-way sections, etc.  There are lots of details about #20 and #74, especially.