Jun 27, 2005

Great progress this weekend! Grading (subroadbed, risers) are complete from Lizard Head all the way into Rico, and from Dolores (under Lizard Head) all the way thru (under) Rico and nearly to the return loop under the Enterprise branch. I'm using 1x3 or 1x4 risers, screwed and glued for stiffness, and 1/2" subroad bed about 4" wide in most places. The templates for 30" curves w/easements are working well - I use them to trace single pieces of subroadbed as needed, combining curves easements and straights into as few pieces as I can, which really helps to create a smooth route.

The picture here is the grade from Lizard Head descending into Rico, with the line from Dolores appraching the grade under Rico.

Jun 20, 2005

Some decent progress over the last couple of weekends - the grade from behind Butterfly, thru Lizard Head, and all the way down to nearly Rico is complete, and most of the subroadbed installed. I ran into a little suprise as I worked down toward to Rico - the 2.5% grade calculations on the drawings were a little off, and I had to steepen about half of the grade to 3%. Oh well - it's even more prototypical now! Here's a shot looking from Rico, behind Dolores, and on up to Lizard Head.

Jun 6, 2005

Just a little further progress, still working thru the area under Lizard Head, trying to get the subroadbed below routed thru the supports for the track overhead. Only a couple hours this weekend. Here's a shot of the area - Lizard Head above, Vance Jct line in the middle, and Dolores / McPhee line on the lowest level.