Apr 30, 2013

Minor update, and some news - Silverton Northern being rebuilt?

On the home front, we had some minor flooding after all the rain last week, and while the layout wasn't affected, there was water and mud under it, meaning we had to pull all our storage stuff out for cleaning.  With a very busy couple of weeks anyway, that cleaning is still in progress.

BUT - in other news...
The Silverton Std, TrainOrders, and others are reporting that Fritz Klinke is working to lay a few hundred feet of the old Silverton Northern this summer, and use that as a demonstration / exhibit to raise funding to rebuild about 2.5 miles of the railroad, as a passenger excursion in Silverton.

That project would help bring more economic development to Silverton.

There will eventually be an online funding effort, but for now you can send donations may be sent to San Juan County Historical Society, P.O. Box 154, Silverton, CO 81433.

They need only about $7,500 to get a couple hundred of track laid.  The full project, of course, will require a lot more.

Some additional details at: