Mar 25, 2017

Mancos structures, and real glass

I've decided to experiment with using real glass for my windows, and first up is a couple of Campbell kits.  The windows on this one are using windows and doors from Rusty Stumps instead of the stock ones supplied with kits.

For the glass, I found some old microscope slides, did some research on the web, and developed my technique.  There's photos below - but basically I purchased a diamond-tipped scriber from Amazon, and create the windows by first scribbing the slides firmly with a straight edge:

To make the break, it works better (some surface tension issue with the glass) to do it underwater.  I just used a little container and a small piece of dowelrod.  Put the rod under the scribbed line, then press gently on either side to make the break:

Here's what I used, but microscope covers (as opposed to slides) are much thinner and probably easier to work with.  But, I already had these handy...

To install the mullions, I found it easier to apply them to the glass first, then put the glass onto the back of the wall.

The final look - nice reflections!

So - for Mancos I needed (operationally) a mine of some sort.  The layout doesn't have room for the prototypical scene (although coal mining did exist near Mancos).  So - and I think this is the only completely non-prototypical section on the layout - I decided to use Campbell's supply warehouse and Silver Spur mine (both kits I had on my shelf) and build a mine warehouse and the mine itself.

Here's the warehouse. For this buiding, I used roofing from Wild West Models instead of the Campbell shingles.  They worked well!  Rusty Stumps has some nice actual cedar-wood shingles which I might try in the future.

And here's the mine itself - all stock Campbell except the windows:

Hmm - um, not sure how this happened - time warp maybe?  :-)

Mar 12, 2017

New Facebook page!

Well, it's time to announce this - I've created a Facebook page dedicated to my layout:

I've been wanting to find a way to more easily share photos of the layout and have discussions about it.  Of course I have my website, but honestly it's a bit of work to edit the pages and create new sections for layout and other photos, and I've been putting it off.  I may indeed create a more detailed layout presentation, eventually.

But for now, FB has made it very easy and quick to share photos, and it's the best platform (for now) to have quick discussions and chats.

So - there you go.  I had some time this morning before church (no one around here was up earlier enough with the time change to make it to early service, so we're planning on the later one), and thought I'd get to work.