Apr 28, 2010

Pushing forward in Rico

Well, I'm still out of work, and spending most of my time in job-search related activities.

But, there has been some time for layout work in the evenings, and I've been working on finishing the trackwork in Rico, and on the Enterprise branch.  Nearly all of that trackwork is complete now, and I've been adding track feeders.

All of the turnouts of Peco code-75, and all of the spurs, branch, and siding track in this area is ME code-55.  I'm using ME transition rail joiners (c55 to c70) which are plastic, and this means there's a lot of insulated track, and a lot of feedeers to install.  But wow, does that code 55 look great!

Apr 7, 2010

Feeling pretty blue today

This isn't about the RGS or my layout today... no, it's me feeling gloomy.  I lost my job yesterday, along w/ 80% of our office, which is being closed.  Piles of work, trips booked, meetings planned - then suddenly nearly all of us are gone.

There is severance and other benefits, but the loss is pretty painful right now.  I was there 22 years, and this change will take some getting used to, to say the least.

And no, the economy has nothing to do w/ this - corporate acquired one of our competitors, then decided to move the software headquarters, management, quality (my area), tesing, and more to their location, and to discontinue a number of our products.  Corporate greed?  Saavy business?  I don't know... seems there should've been better ways to use a staff w/ the decades of experience and very industry-specific expertise that can't be replaced easily.

Apr 5, 2010

Making tracks in Rico... again

After a long pause for wiring, I'm back to laying track.  I managed to save up enough to purchase the rest of the track for Rico and the Enterprise branch, and have completed about 1/2 of the town's industrial trackage already.

Once Rico is complete, that'll leave only Dolores and Durango for major track-laying work.  Ridgway is done, except for the engine terminal, which is waiting on the turntable, which is waiting on funds that - um - aren't available yet!