Aug 27, 2007

More wiring was completed in the last week, and the line is now operational up to Lizard Head. However, I discovered that the 1156 bulbs I've been using aren't all the same resistance, so it looks like I'll need to replace a bunch of them. The bulbs that work correctly measure about 1.1 ohms (cold) on my meter; some of the newer ones I purchased in bulk are measuring 2.1 ohms. That is too high, and the bulbs are turning on, which also changes their resistance and drops the track voltage considerably. SO - they will need to come out. More soldering - what joy!

In other news, we had a really bad storm here in the Midwest, and we lost power for 4 days. The basement had some minor flooding, and we spent most of the last week cleaning and mopping. No layout work this past week as a result! Thankfully, there was no damage to the layout or drywall, and our backup sump worked long enough to protect us from the worst of it. Some of our neighbors, w/o backup battery-powered sumps, didn't do so well.

Aug 6, 2007

Tracking laying in Rico

Having completed another piece of a layout design for a friend, I had more time this weekend for my own layout, and have been laying track in Rico and beyond. About half of the turnouts and mainline thru Rico are complete now, and the line out of Rico is complete to just past Lizard Head!