Aug 29, 2005

The Enterprise subroadbed is DONE, at long last! Here's the branch; Eli is standing in the 'access pit' in the center of the branch.

Aug 8, 2005

Working on the grade for the Enterprise branch - the supports from Rico to the Blackhawk mine area, or the first leg of the switchback, are complete. With Blackhawk's track near by chin, the twisting, turning route from there up to the Enterprise should be pretty neat, and should 'feel' pretty high, about eye level.

Aug 2, 2005

The sub-roadbed for the return loop under the Enterprise branch is complete now, and I'm working on the branch itself. And I've got the pics to prove it! :-)

Notice the 'access pit' in this photo; since this is too far to reach from the aisle, I've built an area to stand it for working on the branch itself. I don't intend to cover this, but rather have the scenery high enough around it to hide it, while leaving it open. Or at least that's the plan.