Jul 24, 2006

A milestone was reached this past weekend, when I finally started laying the cork roadbed.
Here's a shot of the Dolores townsite, with the newly laid cork sheet. This is (I think) 1/4" cork underlayment (normally used for flooring) that I picked up on clearance, online at Cork Direct. I purchased a 50' x 4' roll for a very reasonable price.

Sheet cork was laid on the Telluride and Dolores town sites, and cork roadbed laid from the laundry room's lower line all the way to Wildcat canyon.

And here is the Telluride peninsula. This photo also shows some of the floor anchors and bracing used. I was pleasantly surprised at how solid this very narrow peninsula became after adding the X bracing. It's only 1' to 2' wide in most places, and about 54" high, yet it's very strong and doesn't move even if you walk into it.