Dec 10, 2021

RGS Story books - new copies up for sale!

Some time back, I purchased an entire 2nd set of the famous RGS Story books, thinking they would eventually be hard to find and that having a 2nd set might be good - for friends, investing, or something. I have started putting these up on eBay. All are brand new, never read. Currently: RGS Story v4 - Ophir Loop to Rico - RGS Story v5 - Rico and the Mines - RGS Story v3 - Vance Jct to Ophir -

May 23, 2021

Major updates to the online Google RGS right-of-way map!

Some years ago, preparing for an RGS exploration trp, I discovered mapping, on Google maps, and started 'drawing' the RGS right-of-way, looking at satellite imagery, and pairing what I found with the old right-of-way maps in various RGS books.

I got a bit carried away, and started adding lumber branches, bridge locations, and other items.  I took the trip, and it was helpful to find the actual locations.  Then life happened and it sat. That was 2007.

Later though, Jim Marlette discovered it, and started filling in more details, and adjusting the accuracy of specific locations, and also filling some of the gaps.  Then more recently, Dog Bergmann discovered it and spent last fall and winter making massive updates, especially by adding icons and photo links.

It's now a rather amazing resource - check it out!

Feb 21, 2021

Winter 2021 projects

Darn magazines. I read an article in NGSL Gazette about logging turns out of McPhee - the author emulated a prototype practice with 3 loads of logs into McPhee from elsewhere on the layout, and 3 empties back out. 

I was inspired, as that scheme would make a nice addition to my op sessions, but now I've got another 6 flatcars on the workbench! I really, honestly, want to finish up my rolling stock projects and get back to structures, especially finishing up the Ridgway depot.
But alas, the idea of tweaking the balance and flow of traffic in op sessions keeps leading me to rebuilding used rolling stock I've picked up here and there. For winter, I've got about 15 more wood boxcars, (now) 6 flatcars, and a couple of cabeese for good measure. 
Paint, trucks, and re-lettering on nearly all of them is complete; I'm working on trucks & couplers now. Once done, I'll have to wait for warmer weather for dullcote over the decals, and then weathering.

Jan 23, 2021

Layout tour on YouTube!!

Here it is folks - my first YouTube video, giving an overview of the entire layout.