Nov 18, 2010

Loving these weathering powders!

As I said, I've been working on finishing up some rolling stock; here's a bunch of cars (photographed very quickly this morning).  I'm loving these weathering powders!

Nov 14, 2010

Outhouses and cabeese complete at last!

Here's one of Banta Modelworks' set of 5 outhouses; I built all five, and used them to experiement w/ a number of painting and weathering techniques.  I'm pretty satisified w/ the results!

Here's another view of the larger building, and also a one-holer that I modeled after a still-remaining outhouse near the Rico station grounds.

Here's the smaller of the two large buildings, w/ the other two small ones in the background.

You can't see it here, and I couldn't get a good photo, but all three smaller outhouses are complete w/ open doors, toilet-paper rolls, newspapers nearby to pass the time while occupied, and a couple of posters on the interior walls.

Here's the first of 5 cabooses - I had some trouble finding something that resembled the center-cupola RGS cabooses.  This is a std-gauge freelance, w/ an alternate history, so I have some freedom, but I still wanted to capture the flavor of the prototype.  You'll notice the numbering on all these cabeese is close to, but not exactly, the numbers used on the prototype fleet.

Here's one of the three larger cabooses... these are all Walter's Gold Line models, which include the handrails and other details and add-ons for the modeler.  I had a heck of a time filing the insides after brushing my skills w/ the #80 drill, but they eventually came together quite nicely.  The weathering on all of these models is Dr. Ben's weathering powders, applied dry and worked in.  I really like working w/ them.