Jan 14, 2017

Raggs to re-run the HO Rico Depot kit again! Limited run though

Raggs' depot kits are amazing, and if you're modeling the RGS they're really worth considering. But, they're not always available, and Joe has just announced a re-run of the Rico depot.  So, if ya want 'em, order one soon!

Joe (Raggs) says:

That being said, I wanted to let all that are interested know that we're making the HO Rico Depot kit available again for a short time (taking orders until March 31st).  We're making a run this month to fill current orders.  For info, pictures, and ordering, visit our webpage: 
Also if you're inclined to take a peak at my own RGS layout, I've just updated the webpage: http://raggstoriches.biz/RAGGSRAILROAD.html
The update includes a completed Trout Lake that's 11-feet long and a photo backdrop for Ridgway that's 52-feet long.

Jan 6, 2017

Dolores Flour Mill - and dry transfer lettering

 I have finished work on the Dolores Flour Mill (see this earlier post for more details).  The last step was lettering it.  The prototype didn't seem to have a sign, at least not from the angles of existing photos.  However, I intend my layout for operations, and it really helps guest operators to know which buildings are which.  Thus - signs are helpful.

I was originally going to print a sign, using an appropriate vintage font (found a number after some web searching), but my dear wife pointed out a building like this perhaps wouldn't have spent the money for a board and painted sign, and perhaps wouldn't just painted the sign on the side.  That lead to search for decals, and then possibly printing my own decal - all of which sounded like a lot of work.

Then I remembered Clover House, and their great sets of dry transfers.  These look a lot like painted-on letters.  So, I ordered a set and went to work.  The results are below - by no means perfect, and more work to get straight than I thought (and it needs more work next time!).  But, still, not too bad.  Pan Pastels toned things down as a final touch.

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