Jun 7, 2013

Ophir high line work continues

Work today is on the areas of bridges 46-E and 46-F, including the cut just south of that last bridge.

Here's a shot from one of the RGS Story books, showing the cut I'm modeling today.
 And here's bridge 46-E roughed in.
 Here's the area with 46-F and the beginnings of the cut above it.  The upper track leads to Lizard Head (going off to the right), while the area below is bridge 44-A and beginning the lower line to Ophir (which is far off to the left in this shot).

There's no room for the siding or mill at Butterfly (near bridge 44-A), but at least I can fit the bridge itself in.

 And here's a longer shot, 46-E and 46-F.