May 27, 2017

Gordon Gravett books on grass, trees - excellent!

Not much layout work in the last week or two - due to lots of work, plus happy stuff like graduations. But I have finally gotten a few books on grass and trees by Gordon Gravett - generally not available in the US but by far the best I've found.
Highly recommended!
And, I'm back exploring photo backdrops, this time for the Durango and Rico areas.  I'm once again working the LARC products - also highly recommended.

May 13, 2017

RGS 455 rides again! Photo charter on the C&TS

Check it out folks -

The Cumbres and Toltec will be re-creating and running RGS 455 in a special photo charter train in Sept 2017.

RGS recreation planned for September 4-6, 2017 on the C&TS following the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Denver, get your tickets now or you may miss out....   

The planning for this event has been a very drawn out affair. Goose #5 had already committed to visit Chama at the end of September and the volunteers were not willing to make a second trip to Chama. We were interested in having Goose #7 but after discussions with the CRM, they decided that they really wanted to keep it home for their convention related activities. The other Geese were considered but mechanical reliability issues ended up taking them off the table. The 315 group had made it clear they were very interested in participating, but until we could get a price commitment from the CATS, it wasn't clear if we could afford them or not. For various reasons, it took until just a few weeks ago before it was confirmed that the 315 would be able to participate.

The basic outline is, Monday, September 4 will be Antonito to Osier and return, with 455 pulling a typical RGS train. I understand that this trip is about 1/2 sold at this point. Tuesday and Wednesday, September 5 & 6 are sold as a package and are about 3/4 sold at this point. Tuesday will be Antonito to Osier and return, with pre dawn and sunset shots. There is a full moon that night, so moonrise over Ferguson's trestle is on the agenda! 315 will participate with 455 this day, possibly with some double heading and with some hind end pusher action. Photos show the RGS used rear pushers quite a bit. 315 was leased to the RGS during the early 1940's but remained in D&RGW lettering. I have attached a photo of D&RGW 340 leading 455 to show how this would look.

Wednesday, September 6 will be Antonito to Cumbres, with a bus return to Antonito. Consists have not been finalized, but the Friends are working on converting one of the old rider box cars into a "stealth" rider car that will look like a box car. RGS caboose 0400 will be used all three days.

Spread the word. This will be a fun and unique event. We are planning for runbys at locations that could double as locations on the RGS.

For pricing and to reserve your ticket(s) contact Tim Tenant at the Friends of the C&TS (at the link above).