Jun 16, 2018

Latest roster addition, and obligatory privacy policy

So - business stuff first - per the new EU regulations, I added a privacy policy to my website; it applies to the blog as well.  Basically, other than what Google does and the affliate links, I don't keep any info or use cookies.

Now for a trains update.  I've completed adding a number of shelves to the layout, for easier handling of car cards and paperwork; I'll have photos of those posted shortly (I hope).  I've also completed work on a little 0-6-0 switcher.  This is a Walthers Heritage Proto2k model, older (DC, bulbs for lights, no tender pickups).

I added DCC (TCS Kam4 decoder, with built-in keep alive which is great for a loco this small), replaced the bulbs with LEDs, decaled, weathered (mostly Pan Pastels), Kadee couplers, and added as much weight as I could squeeze in (mostly in the smokebox, under the smokebox, and under the firebox on both sides).

So, here's some photos:

The coal is real, and from the RGS itself no less!  It's Rico coal, a mix of two sizes.  Mike Conder sells (or at least, did sell) this for a very reasonable price.  Details about that are on my RGS Kit Listing page.