Mar 23, 2014

A rocky update

OK, it's finally time to share some more photos.  I've been working on rocks for what seems like ages, molding, placing, blending.  It's finally time to move on to coloring, as I've decided the blending is good enough (for now, at least).

So, here's a quick tour of the layout's newer rockwork.  It's got a base spray of black india ink  alcholol, just to cover the white.  I intend a dark wash of charcoal, then several successive layers of lighter colors to get the final look.

Here's the Ophir Loop highline area:

And a few of the Ophir Loop townsite, including the canyon running through the town and under the big trestle 46-B:

And a few from the Hesperus / Wildcat Canyon area:

A couple from the Telluride branch:

And finally a few from the Enterprise branch:

Mar 1, 2014

Quick update

No pictures this time - just a quick status update.

On my own website - - I've completed months of work and finished updating something like 2000-3000 photo links of RGS prototype photos, from various libraries who've changed their URL schemes.  That is finally complete, and now I can return to the (very long) backlog of other updates people have sent me.

I also fixed or removed another 450 broken links throughout the website.

On my own layout, I'm still slowing working through all the rockwork.  Nearly all the rock casting is complete now,and installed, and nearly all the finishing work of patching and cleaning up the castings is complete.  Right now, I'm focused on sanding and smoothing.  This rockwork is probably 85% of the full set the layout needs, and it's a lot.  The Ophir highline section alone is nearly solid rock castings, and it's maybe 25' long.

If you're not already aware, my layout is scheduled for a (highly informal) test operating session, and open house during the NMRA Midwest Regional meet, in May.  Given that the track is still buried beneath plaster dust and tape, I have a strong motiviation to finish up this rough stage of scenery work, and get trains running again.