Sep 30, 2010

Quick update

I know it's been forever since I've updated this, but we've been very busy w/ getting our oldest off to college, finding and starting a new job, and other beginning-of-school-year fun.   Oh yeah, and my studying for an ASQ exam for work.

But, I did nearly finish the outhouses, and have been busy (when I could) painting and decaling rolling stock, trying to get in the spraying work while the weather holds.  I've completed the decals and most of hte painting on 5 new cabooses, all lettered for the RGS, a couple of reefers, a couple of boxcars, and a couple of flat cars.  I will post photos if (when?) I finish all of those up w/ weathering powders.

I know it's crazy, but I'm still a little hesitant about attacking all of these new cars w/ the powders (and the outhouses too, actually), but I want to move on it so I can add any oversprays while it's still warm enough outside.  But life intervenes, so we'll see.