Apr 26, 2011

Ridgway dry at last; 4-wire Loconet?

Well, the last repair to the water supply line about Ridgway seemed to have worked, when I replaced the entire hose on the dishwasher input line.  This had been leaking at the connection in the basement, and no amount of tightening, thread sealant, or washers was working.  So - the new hose worked fine.

Except - the attachment at the other end (behind the dishwasher, upstairs) then stared leaking a day after I finished the work.  So that came off, more sealant, much tighter fastening, and it seems ok now.  I even replaced the drop ceiling tile that's about the yard.

So, on to other things, perhaps?  I haven't had a chance to return to updating Denver library photo links on the website (soon, probably), but I did start wiring the LocoNet for the new Digitrax system.  After a bit of research, I think I can use some of the thru-the-ceiling runs of my old control network for the LocoNet.  The old cabling is a 4-wire 2-twisted-pair cable, w/ the pairs individually shielded and then the overall cable wrapped in another mesh shield.  And LocoNet can be dropped to only 4-wires I guess (combining pins 2-5 and 3-4), so I'm going to try that for most of the control runs.

The run between the two boosters I'll keep to a normal 6-wire flat cable, just to be sure.

Another thought, is whether to tie the grounds on the booster together w/ the ground terminal, and drop pins 2-5 in the LocoNet cable.  I'm not sure if I need to do that - anybody know?

Apr 16, 2011

Take four on the plumbing

Well, hopefully 4th time's the charm... I ended up replacing the entire dishwasher hose of Ridgway this afternoon.  It's time for the season to return!

I got a little more work done on the Digitrax DCC install.  The track wiring won't be a big change, as I designed that for DCC from the start.  But, the control network is different, and requires it's own power supply to run out to each of the UP5 panels, in addition to the control signal.  Sigh.  I'm sure I will love DCC, but after so many months of working on wiring (mostly detection and hidden-track signalling of late, and Tortisi), I'm kinda tired of it.

Apr 11, 2011

Raining in Ridgway

OK, so the Lionel trains have all been sold, and the new Digitrax DCC is in place.  You know - the place were I put things, like, um, sitting in a box where Durango will hopefully exist one day.

And, in a feat of amazing productivity (for me), I finished the 18 new hoppers I've been working on over the winter.  These are all custom-lettered for the RGS or a few other Colorado roads, and all have unique numbers.  But you know... finding, cutting out, and applying unique numbers (4 per car, mind you) is time consuming.  But, all 18 are done and running on the layout now, new 'chess pieces' for eventual operations.

Actually, they're also waiting for weathering, but that'll have to wait for warm weather for outdoor spraying.

Anyway, I was then able to start a little work on adjusting the wiring for the DCC system, when I noticed some discoloration on the ceiling tile over the (fully occupied) Ridgway yard.  This is the ceilng tile that's right below the dishwasher hook-up for the kitchen.  Turns out the supply hose was leaking a little.  I thought it'd be a quick fix, but after several tries involving washers, thread tape, and pliers, it refuses to stay completely dry.  So, now there's a completely new hose hanging on the bannister into the basement, waiting for my next attempt.

And in the meantime, I'm working on taxes and still updating links on the website.  I've got 677 of the 1011 Bob Richardson photo links updated so far, which is probably 1200 actual individual links. And of course they're many more photo links besides Bob's.

And btw, I also was laid off - AGAIN!  My new position has been an ideal fit in many ways, but corporate decided it's profits were threatened for this year and chopped the headcount.  And being one of the newest employees, in a newly-created position that's remote from the corporate office... well, it didn't go so well.  I'm interviewing now, hopefully this will be over soon.  It's not fun.