Jan 29, 2013

More rock work on the narrow canyon

So, some time ago I posted some photos and description of a narrow canyon I started working on.  I've gotten most of the rockwork completed and painted, although the rest of the scenery isn't done yet.

I thought I'd share some pictures:

Jan 14, 2013

More photo links updated

Well, not much of a posting today, but I have been quietly working in the background - updating several THOUSAND (and yes, you read that correctly, folks) photo links from the Denver Public Library's (DPL) Western History Collection.

All of these updates are part of my main site - http://www.rgsrr.info - where I have links to locations, equipment, and historical events.

It's a fantastic historical reference, but when DPL modified their photo collection's structure, in a way I couldn't automatically convert the links, it started a huge migration project on my part - researching the photo, then updating each link one by one.  But, it's coming along!

Jan 3, 2013

RGS wreck from 1912 - new photos, never published

A friend has allowed me to publish a set of detailed photos from a passenger train wreck on the RGS, on May 17, 1912.  Details and a link to the photos are on my timeline page under that date: