Nov 7, 2015

New site is working!!! is back!

For anyone who's enjoyed the thousands of photo links, extensive RGS history and details, and links to related topics on my website - it's now back.
The old address of '' is working again, and a second URL actually works as well -
Either will get you to the site.

If any of you were using, or have links on your sites to the old 'base' address of '' - please update it to ''.  Thanks!!!

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Oct 31, 2015 - site moving - new URL soon!


I know a lot of you have found my RGS site useful.  Comcast has thoughfully discontinued all of their website support, so I'm moving to a new server.
Eventually, both and the (new!) will work and get you to the site, but for the moment it seems the Comcast-hosted site is down.
I hope to have my site back up this week.
Thanks everyone!!!

Aug 9, 2015

RGS at Knott's Berry Farm

Here's a really nice article, lots of photos too, of the RGS equipment which was rescued and resides at the Knott's Berry Farm theme park in California:

Jul 19, 2015

Not RGS - but interesting NG stuff - Quincy & Torch Lake RR

Some photos from a recent visit to the Quincy Mine, and the remains of it's 3' NG railroad.  This railroad ran only 6 miles, and existed from 1888 to 1945.  It had 6 locomotives, 4 of which remain.  The one being restored (cosmetically) is the outside-frame #6.  The other two are #1 and #5.  #3, as I understand it, is over at the Huckleberry RR in Flint MI, in pieces.

The enginehouse here is being restored, and has a number of service trenches, and also a belt-driven machine shop.

The building w/ the track runnign through it is the remains of the boiler house for the huge #2 hoist, which provided cables to lower men & lift rock down the 9000' foot #2 shaft (which is located a 1/4 mile from this location).  There were a number of these boiler houses, for the various shafts, and it appears the tracks ran thru each, to facilitate dumping coal there (brought up from Torch Lake, below the mine).  The #2 hoist used 6900 tons/ month of coal, as I understand it.

Rock Down, Coal Up is a book w/ more details.

Jun 7, 2015

Some progress on yards turntable

I haven't had time to update this lately, but I have slowly been making progress.  Here's some photos of recent work on the first of two planned turntables, and more trackwork in both Ridgway and Durango.

This is a quicky update - I probably eventually post more details on each of these topics.  But briefly, besides the trackwork, there's outbuildings, and the beginnings of the Vance Jct location on the layout.