Jul 24, 2013

UP to restore Big Boy #4014 to operation!

In case you haven't heard...

Union Pacific has re-acquired a Big Boy steam locomotive, and is planning to restore it to operation.  This is one of the largest steam locomotives ever built.

And in other (slow) news, I've been working a lot on the layout, focusing now on roughing in the scenery around my Ophir Loop area.  I discovered, as rockwork progressed, that there simply wasn't room for any scenery in sections behind the loop, and that a photo backdrop was needed.  I found LARC Products to be the answer, although I had to pause for another round of eBay selling of other stuff to raise the funds.  That's done, and backdrops should be going up soon.  I ended up adding backdrops behind the Ridgway yard, and another small section as well - LARC's products are great!

And I've also been hard at work trying to finish updating photo links on my main website - RGSRR.INFO.  The Denver Public library reorganized their historic photo collection a while back, and while the new format is great, I had to manually update some 2000 links, as I reference nearly all of their RGS photos throughout my site.  Those of you using the site should find fewer and fewer bad links.