Jun 29, 2006

Still very busy w/baseball (little league) this spring, but I found enough time to finish the framing for the Telluride peninsula. It was kinda tricky figuring the final dimensions as that benchwork sneaks between the Dolores and Ophir areas, especially as it moves into the aisle toward Wildcat Canyon. But it's done now, and aisle widths were kept between 27" and 30" in the area, which is workable.

A long-standing concern of mine has been how to ensure that section is rigid, as it's really narrow and can't be attached to the ceiling. I ended up using some bits of AC2-treated 2x4s screwed into the floor (with Tapcon anchors), then attaching the 2x2 legs to those. At first I used scrap plywood bits to add diagonal bracing to the legs at pretty steep angles (maybe 60-70 degrees). That helps stablize the side-to-side swaying, but on the last few legs (some only 16" wide or so), I used a lot more diagonal braces, and kept the angles to 45 degrees. Wow - what a difference! Rock solid, if you can believe it. I'm removing the other bracing now and replacing it w/45 deg braces, adding 2 or 3 levels depending on the leg pairs. And yes, I'll post pictures of all this someday.