Apr 11, 2005

Well, construction in Ridgway is beginning. I worked on the hole thru the stairs this weekend. Here's an overall shot of the stairs; there will be two levels of mainline running along this wall and thru the stairs.

The hole thru the wood stair risers was there already, from when the stairs were rebuilt last year, but the drywall on the backside needed cutting, as well as some cleaning out of the extra wood inside the opening.

It's done now, and I've started framing the benchwork for that area. The hole is 8" high and 2.5" wide, which should be just enough to squeeze thru the two single-track lines, stacked one above the other.

It should be, er, interesting figuring out how to actually get the subroadbed thru there. Perhaps that blue ghost in the first photo can help?