Dec 5, 2005

It's been busy around our house lately, so again not much progress. The lower return loop under Ophir is done now (sub-roadbed only), and joists are added from Ophir to Vance Jct. I've also been working on the upper deck for Rico, which is now complete (but not anchored until the track below is installed and tested). And, I've also been installing fabric skirting with clothespin anchors (glued to the benchwork) and landscape fabric - an idea mentioned by David Zuhn and published in Oct 05 Model Railroader (I think it was the Oct issue). The fabric I used was 4' x 80', cost about $9 at Home Depot, and came in a cellophane-wrapped roll. It's black, somewhat feathery in appearance and about 90% opaque, and melts rather than burns if tested w/flames. It works great, and is fast and cheap, and really dresses up the area by hiding all the junk under the layout.