Jul 25, 2007

Lower trackwork complete!

The lower-level hidden track is complete, on the entire layout (except McPhee staging, near Dolores). The Rico and Ridgway upper level plywood is complete, corked, and ready for track. I've extended the continous-run link from Durango's cutoff thru the stairs (on the upper level) and into Ridgway, and have begun laying track in Ridgway itself. Also, the 5 staging tracks coming out of Ridgway (thru the bathroom and laundry room) are complete, though not wired yet. I spent a good part of June in Colorado, and 3 days of that was spent exploring the RGS right-of-way. I have a PILE of photos from that trip, still being organized. But - one thing that stands out from the trip is how evident the old roadbed is where fills were used. I now plan to take a look of my layout, and see if there are some places where modest fills would fit, and plan the scenery according. Of course the dramatic scenery stole the show, and it was even more spectactular in person, than in the many photos I've seen.