Apr 6, 2009

Power supplies

I got a bit more work on the layout done this weekend - still wiring up power supplies for electronics and switch motors. I ended up getting three 3A DC supplies. Two will be wired to together to give me a +12v / com / -12v set for Tortise motors. The third will be used for detector power and other electronics needs. All three are identical 12v DC regulated supplies.

I'm also using an old Racal modem / computer power supply, which has a 1A supply of 5v DC, mostly for lighting LEDs around the layout.

I've run all four supplies thru 1A or 3A circuit breakers (from Tyco Electronics), w/ monitor LEDs in the fasica. This way, I can tell at a glance if they're all running, and I feel a little better having circuit breaker protection. They probably have internal protection as well, but... oh well.