Mar 1, 2010

Three more toroise installs

I finished up the mechanical portion of three more difficult Tortoise installs, under the yard lead at Ridgway. The fun part is that the control rods for these turnouts actually pass thru the edge of the hidden track below Ridgway, which is nearly directly under the yard lead.

Here's the innocent-looking yard lead from the top; the machines were installed on the three-way, and the next switch down (leading to the 3rd yard track).

Here's an overall view from below; that benchwork is only about 12" deep here; very tight working conditions.

Here's the control rods and how they just miss the hidden track below the yard lead. I love small digital cameras; I can't see this otherwise.

And here's a closeup of the machines for the 3-way turnout:

And a closeup of the machine for the track 3: