Apr 7, 2010

Feeling pretty blue today

This isn't about the RGS or my layout today... no, it's me feeling gloomy.  I lost my job yesterday, along w/ 80% of our office, which is being closed.  Piles of work, trips booked, meetings planned - then suddenly nearly all of us are gone.

There is severance and other benefits, but the loss is pretty painful right now.  I was there 22 years, and this change will take some getting used to, to say the least.

And no, the economy has nothing to do w/ this - corporate acquired one of our competitors, then decided to move the software headquarters, management, quality (my area), tesing, and more to their location, and to discontinue a number of our products.  Corporate greed?  Saavy business?  I don't know... seems there should've been better ways to use a staff w/ the decades of experience and very industry-specific expertise that can't be replaced easily.