Jul 26, 2010

Enterprise is done! On to... er... outhouses. :-)

I've completed the Enterprise (see pics below), and I've moved on to what is actually my first laser-cut kits, a series of small outhouses from Banta.  I've built Campbell kits before (love 'em), but these are a slightly new variation and I'm having fun w/ them.

I'm following one of Darryl Huffman's weathering DVDs and staining wood for these kits using several variations of shoe dye in alcohol, and I really like the results.  And it's very simple and cheap.

So - I ended up painting a lot of the detail on the Enterprise's hull - great practice to get back into very fine painting.  I also used paint markers for the first time - an ultra-fine white for the lit windows.  And an ultra-fine Sharpie for the dark windows - both worked great.  I also used weathering powders for the first time, to add some battle damage, which also worked great and was really fun.

This model also has the fiber optic 'lighting', which was surprisingly challenging, but it turned out ok.  Here's a few 'night' shots.  The nacelles are also lit.