Jan 9, 2011

In a decaling mood -

So, after lots of research, I sort of decide DigiTrax is probably the way to go for a DCC system, but then a bunch of other friends weigh in for NCE.  I'm going to have to dig out all my O-27 Lionel stuff and put them up on eBay to raise funds, so there's no rush I suppose.  More researching...

In the meantime, I decided to work on decaling a number of hoppers I've had sitting around.  I managed to get them all painted before the cold weather set in, and this week found myself in a mood to start decaling them.  Modeling a freelance (proto-lance?) version of the RGS is fun, but it does lead to lots of custom decaling of std-gauge equipment.  But it'll be a nice hopper fleet when I'm done. 

This week - a set of 10 Accurail 55-ton composite hoppers lettered for the RGS, another 4 34' steel hoppers lettered for the D&RGW, and 4 more 34' steel lettered for the SP.  They'll join a couple steel RGS hoppers, and some C&S steel hoppers I finished earlier.

I also got some minor updates posted on the website; there's more updates waiting than I have time for, and w/ my new job I don't have the ability to work on that during breaks in the early morning anymore.  And at home... somehow spending time on the computer usually doesn't appeal so much.  But, the updates are coming, just more slowly these days.