Aug 14, 2011

New photos! And more cleanup -

I've found some time to get back to updating the photo links from the Denver Public Library on my site, and actually finished the 1000+ links to Bob Richardson photos, and started digging through about 500 Otto Perry photos.  In doing that, I discovered a number of locomotive photos that were new to me... all linked now on the Rolling Stock page.

These include a whole series of wonderful shots of #20, and a few photos of #3, #6, #17 and the 2nd #22.

On the home front, we're still cleaning mud from under various cabinets, nooks, and assorted crannies, but the end is finally in sight.  And hopefully huge storms are not.

Since I can't easily troubleshoot the remaining DCC conversion issues on the layout, I've also tried to be productive by continuing to convert locos from Keller to DCC, finishing another 3 locomotives in the last week or two.