Sep 14, 2012

Canyon work progressing

No pictures this time... but I'm continuing with the cardboard web in the Keystone Hill canyon area.  It's surprising to me how much is actually needed, to get the shapes just right.

I should mention that my benchwork is built in sections of 8' long or so, and then bolted together.  I'm avoiding any structural components from crossing those gaps - thus fascia, roadbed, and now cardboard all have defined edges and support at these section gaps.  Roadbed & rail does cross these gaps, and plaster will as well - but my thinking is that I ever have to move this, I can cut those without having to break the main structural parts.

Anyway... this has been a fun study in prototype modeling - the prototype here being the landforms themselves.  I've not studied cuts and cliffs in such detail before, and the more I study the photos of the RGS in books, the more I have to come back to the canyon and make it more extreme than I'd dared before - higher cliffs, steeper cuts (nearly vertical), etc.