Mar 24, 2013

Rocks in my head

I've completed the plaster cloth work along and above Dolores.  Here, it's just a few rock outcroppings along what will otherwise be just an earthen hillside.  The first photo is some rocks around a steeper part of the hillside where I'm working around once of the basement support posts.  The second is just a steep section of hillside where I thought the rocks would add some interest.

And I've started adding the rock molds to the canyon area, leading into Rico.  All of these molds, btw, are from Bragdon Enterprises.   This is a very tight cut - ostensibly Burns Canyon - along a curve, leading off to the left into these photos into Rico itself.  I'm hiding the corner of the walls here with a pretty large outcropping of rock:

And I've started the (extremely lengthy, I suspect) prospect of add rock molds along both low line and high line of Ophir.  The track here climbs a steep grade, circles thru the town of Ophir, then continues climbing the grade, above the lower grade.  This is actually a pretty close approximation of the real Ophir Loop - if you scroll down to MilePost 44 on my milepost listing, you'll find lots of details and photo links from the real Rio Grande Southern.

In my model, being tucked tight against the wall, I've created a series of high rock walls between the numerous trestles, often wih the track forced thru cuts in these outcroppings.  Between are deeper folds where the trestles will eventually (hopefully) be built.