Oct 27, 2013

Quick but rocky update

This fall continues as one the busiest I can remember (good stuff, mostly - but a lot of it).  Still, I take my sanity breaks w/ the layout when I can.  I've gotten nearly all the surface-coat plaster completed now, for the scenery that I have (about 2/3rds of the layout).  This is all structo-lite.

And I'm back to casting rocks (three pours today, maybe 54 individual mold pours), and hanging rocks on various canyon and vertical walls.

In the Enterprise branch area, I also took the plunge and cut a couple of slots into the fascia, w/ the intent of creating some underground viewing of mineshafts below the Enterprise mine.  The model (above-ground) is laid out to match the prototype, mostly - so there's a ridge with the mine trackage leading into a tunnel opening.  But the fascia in this area kinda begged for an underground view as well.  Given that the Enterprise didn't have a vertical shaft (at least not that I know of, and not in the area I'm modeling, relative to the mine structures)... still, too cool to resist.  I'll add a (non-prototype) hoist house at the far end of the property from the tunnel, and model the tunnels below that hoist house.  Should be fun.