Apr 9, 2014

Another rock, scenery update

Well, given that RailFun 2014 is now just than 2 months away (and this layout is open for that convention) I had to draw a line and declare the plaster & rockwork done enough - and start switching back to track and getting the layout running again.

So - here's where the rockwork stands today.  It's not finished, but the major colors are complete, and all of the layout's been painted a basic soil/dirt color as a base.

Here's the Enterprise branch:

And a few of Hesperus and Wildcat Canyon:

Here's an overview of Ophir Loop:

 And more Ophir shots:

Here's a couple overview shots of the Telluride branch and townsite (which is a peninsula):

ANd a couple of the canyon on the branch leading up to Telluride:

And one last shot - this is the canyon running thru Ophir; this shot is just upstream of the big 45-A trestle site: