Sep 14, 2014

Podcasts... such great stuff out there

Do you listen to any of the great Model Railroading podcasts available?  These are like radio shows you can download onto your phone, iPod, or computer, and listen at your leisure.

They are amazing because there's so many topics discussed - at length - and a lot of interesting people in the hobby get to chat and share their views.  Or, you can call/write in, and participate in the podcasts yourself.

Here's my favorites:

A Modelers Life -

Scotty Mason -

Model Railcast -

Model Rail Radio -

These and other model train / prototype railroad news sources are listed on my links page, at:

And I should note that there's LOTS of other podcasts out there.  Some other topics I listen to include marriage stuff, project management, and even sermons from our own church (we can catch up on a sermons series if we're out-of-town sometimes).