Jan 11, 2015

RGS on film - new videos!!!

This post is a about some recently discovered / published RGS film footage.

The first is a short but interesting clip featuring Goose #3 in 1935, plowing snow and later pulling into a crowded Dolores depot.  The Goose was nearly new, and in its original dark paint scheme.  Chris Weiser discovered this clip, and the Ridgway RR Museum noted it, in their Jan 2015 newsletter.


And while we're on the topic, you can subscribe to the museum's newsletter here; it's a great monthly e-publication packed with interesting news and history.  The folks our there in Ridgway are doing an amazing job preserving and promoting RGS history.

And the second piece of news is Greg Scholl's new Rio Grande Southern Memories video.  This is 49 minutes of priceless, high-quality color film.  I just had the chance to finally watch my new copy, and I can't really describe how amazing it is, to see in color, in action, so many scenes that I've seen in numerous black-and-white photos or models.

This video is by far the highest quality footage I've ever seen of the RGS.  There are other videos (my References page lists all I know of), but this one was shot with better cameras, and in color. 

Here's a sample of this new video: http://youtu.be/8j_JllyxU4E

Greg's production on this gives it a wonderful, poignant feel.  Well worth $30 people !!!