Jul 16, 2016

Raggs' RGS Telluride Depot kit (HO) - back in production for a short run!

Here's a post from kit manufacturer himself:
As Jim mentioned, he talked me into making a run of the HO Telluride Depot kits...provided we get at least 6 firm orders.  I've reloaded the depot information onto our web page where you can also follow a link with more photos and details.  www.raggstoriches.biz  The price will be $225 + $8/order for shipping (US).
After 6 orders are placed, I will notify all that the run is a sure thing and will continue to take orders until the end of September.  We will make 6 kits at a time filling orders as they mount up. 
As always, your credit card will not be charged until your kit is shipped.
By the way, Lori tells me we still have one extra Ridgway Depot kit from the run we made last spring if anyone is interested.  The price for the Ridgway Depot is $265.  Call if you want it.  570 376-2025 (Eastern time...and never after 9:00pm, right?)
She also wanted me to THANK all of you again that have felt charitable and have contributed to her fund raising for the American Cancer Society.  She works hard at fund raising and certainly appreciates your taking the time and making the contributions.  If you haven't contributed and would like to, there's a link on our main page: www.raggstoriches.biz