May 31, 2011

Cedar Point steamers

No RGS news today, except that I've been completely swamped by end-of-school year and work busyness - so updates to the RGS site are lagging.  And the basement suffered more water - but it was less than an inch and did no damage, to the layout or the rest of the basement.  It's been raining a LOT here in the Midwest!

I did, however, just return from a very fun weekend chaperoning our high school's music dept trip to Cedar Point amusement park, in Sandusky OH.  I - and the kids - went mostly to ride the many awesome roller coasters in the park, but there is a narrow-gauge connection there.

If you weren't aware, the park has a wonderful narrow gauge steam railroad, with no less than FIVE steamers running on it.  All are very small industrial loocos, mostly rebuilt from 0-4-0Ts, but it's still nice to smell the coal smoke and hear steam whistles while waiting in lines.