May 23, 2011

DigiTrax install coming along

I've been slowly finding time to continue w/ the DigiTrax DCC installation on the layout.  I know have all the UP5 panels wired - each with a feed to a 12v power supply, and the track indicator LED wired into the track for that town.

Each town is supplied by a DCC Specialities PSX or (for Telluride) a PSX-AR unit.  There's just a little bit of work left to finish the PSX wiring, break the Keller system, and tie the PSX's into the wiring for each town.  Soon... in the meantime I'm still running a train w/ the Keller system, just to the track sorta clean.

And, both command station and aux booster are wired into transformers left over from the Keller OnBoard system.  The transformers are putting out 20v AC, which is at the top of the range for the DigiTrax boosters, but hopefully they'll work ok.  They're in spec per the manuals.

And - I've FINALLY programmed my first loco.  I installed a DH123 in a Bachmann 2-8-0, and connected the PR3 to my Mac, and programmed it w/ JMRI's Decoder Pro.  A little bit of a learning curve on both the software (free) and the decoder settings, but it seemed to go well.

But, because the Keller system isn't completely disconnected yet, I haven't actually powered up the DCC system yet, and also haven't tested yonder newly-programmed steamer.  I think I can run a throttle w/ JRMI and test it on the workbench that way - haven't tried that yet.

It's a fun time - learning lots of new stuff.