Oct 14, 2011

RGS #20 restoration continues

Linn Moedinger posted here that work on the restoration of RGS #20 is continuing, with lots of tender issues being addressed. The bottom portion of the tank has been replaced by stainless steel, and will be riveted to the repaired top section. The tender frame has been repaired, as well as the trucks, wheels, bearings, etc. Bearing work is also ongoing with the locomotive, and its wheels still need cracks repaired. The firebox is installed and stay bolts are being put in place; the smokebox is also being installed. The boiler will be installed after the smokebox. In a neat move, the main air reservoir wasn't usable so a new one was fabricated, and placed INSIDE the old one (to maintain the original appearance). Linn also notes that donations continue to be needed to fund the work; those are being handled through the CRRM.

And in other news,  I've finally updated my Links page, and the got the Events section current.  I've only got four shows listed there at the moment, and only 1 is directly-narrow-gauge related.  If you know of other events, let me know and I'll add them.