Oct 10, 2011

Weathering continues while the weather holds

When I'm not fixing things around the house, or trying to keep up w/ life, I've been working on updating the website (STILL replacing links from the Denver Public Library) - it's amazing how many Otto Perry shots I've added to my Rolling Stock page... lots of images of many of the K-27s traversing the railroad in the 40s.  I'm about 1/3 thru the 564 photos of the RGS that Otto has on that site.

I'm also trying to finish up the weathering of my stable of Bachmann steamers, with decals, and then layers of dullcote and weathering powders.  I live in IL, and it's about to get cold, wet, and nasty here for the next (cough) months.  Since I don't have a spray booth, spraying happens only in good weather.  That said, it's been amazing here lately - sunny and low 80s - for over a week!

I've also just pulled out an older Sunset brass steamer, and disassembled and starting the weathering process on him.  This is a gloriously-detailed brass model, but i've never really finished the work to make it operational.  It needs weathering, but also electrical work, more weight, a headlight, and other stuff. 

And finally, as the cold sets in, I'll havae to work on DCC conversions for all of these, including working on or adjusting the phosper wipers on all the Bachmann locos, which (mostly) seem to be slightly out-of-place.  This is kinda scary for me... I've never managed to establish a good working relationship with brass axle or driver wipers.  But, I gotta try - these are great runners but need great pickup as well.