Jan 14, 2017

Raggs to re-run the HO Rico Depot kit again! Limited run though

Raggs' depot kits are amazing, and if you're modeling the RGS they're really worth considering. But, they're not always available, and Joe has just announced a re-run of the Rico depot.  So, if ya want 'em, order one soon!

Joe (Raggs) says:

That being said, I wanted to let all that are interested know that we're making the HO Rico Depot kit available again for a short time (taking orders until March 31st).  We're making a run this month to fill current orders.  For info, pictures, and ordering, visit our webpage: 
Also if you're inclined to take a peak at my own RGS layout, I've just updated the webpage: http://raggstoriches.biz/RAGGSRAILROAD.html
The update includes a completed Trout Lake that's 11-feet long and a photo backdrop for Ridgway that's 52-feet long.